Self-quarantine boredom setting in? We have some ideas for things to keep you busy.

By now, even the most diehard introverts are starting to feel the pressures of staying home.

If you’re running out of things to do or feel yourself getting a little stir crazy, we’ve gathered up 25 different activities to help your quarantine go by a bit more smoothly.

1. Send handwritten letters to your loved ones.

When was the last time you sent off a handwritten letter? Now is the perfect time to brush up on your penmanship while letting your friends or family know you care.

2. Read that book that’s been sitting on your shelf.

It’s safe to say that probably everyone has a book on their shelf or nightstand they’ve been meaning to read. It’s also a great time to revisit past favorites.

3. Get dressed to the nines for dinner.

You might not be able to eat out for dinner, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be an event. Get dressed in your very best and order in from your favorite restaurant.

4. Start a quarantine journal.

Writing is very therapeutic. What better way to explore your emotions and make a memory of this unusual time by making a quarantine journal? Feel free to get as melodramatic with it as you’d like.

5. Delete extra pictures and videos off your phone.

There’s no better time to go through all of your pictures and videos, delete what you don’t need, and reminisce a bit about life pre-quarantine. Don’t forget to save your “keeps” on an external hard drive.

6. Call a different family member or friend every day.

Text messages are really convenient, but nothing beats a real phone call. Video chatting is even better since you get to see your favorite people right there on your screen.

7. Create a Google Doc for you and your friends to leave notes.

Create a shareable Google Doc and send the link to your friends. Encourage them to drop in and write whatever happens to be on their mind—ideas for things to do, thoughts, or movie suggestions.

8. Work on your resume or portfolio.

Quarantine has made a lot of people rethink what they’re doing in their careers. Even if you love your current job, it’s not a bad idea to update your resume, portfolio, or website.

9. Unsubscribe from email newsletters you never read.

Rather than just deleting those email newsletters you never read, take the extra second to go ahead and actually unsubscribe from them. Your inbox will thank you.

10. Study a new language.

There are a ton of virtual platforms out there to help you learn a new language. Duolingo is super popular. If you prefer learning from a teacher, check out iTalki.

11. Get fancy with your coffee-making techniques.

If your favorite Chicago cafe is closed, why not try to recreate your favorite caffeinated beverages at home? Get good enough, and you might even find it saves you money in the future.

12. Clean out your fridge and pantry.

Completely empty out your fridge and pantry and throw away anything that’s expired. Before you put everything back, completely wipe down and disinfect all of the surfaces inside and out, especially those door handles and knobs.

13. Rearrange your furniture.

Getting tired of looking at the same stuff every day? A quick way to refresh your surroundings is to rearrange your furniture. It’s also a good time to deep clean under large furniture that hasn’t moved in a while.

14. Teach your dog a new trick.

Your dog is probably a little bored, too. Hop on YouTube and look up dog tricks to teach your pup. Have a cat? You can find easy cat tricks, too!

15. Start practicing yoga in the morning.

Yoga is good for the body, mind, and soul. It also makes for a great way to wake up in the morning and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

16. Purge who you’re following on social media.

Social media should be a way to connect with people in a positive or constructive manner. If you find that certain people seem to always post negativity or misinformation, you might want to simply remove them from your feed.

17. Have breakfast or dinner with friends via Skype.

Breakfast and dinner socials are completely out the window, but you can still get the same feeling by eating with friends via Skype. You can even order or make the same meal so you really get a shared meal experience.

18. Figure out a financial plan.

If the quarantine has sparked some concerns about your finances, now’s the time to get them in order. Create a plan to pay off debt, start a budget you can follow, and figure out a realistic savings plan.

19. Buy some house plants to keep yourself company.

House plants purify the air, add some nature to your home, and make for some rewarding non-pet pets. You can order house plants online or check in with your local Chicago nurseries to see if they offer shipping or curbside pickup.

20. Reach out to neighbors and see if they need help.

There are few things as heartwarming as helping others. Check in with your neighbors to see if they need help with anything, especially neighbors who are elderly or disabled.

21. Try out a bunch of healthy recipes.

It’s prime time for snacking right now, so keep those indulgences in check by embracing your inner chef. Try cooking a new healthy recipe at least once a week or even every day.

22. Listen to more audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a great alternative to music when you’re busy cleaning, working out, or otherwise preoccupied. Check out Audible for a free trial.

23. Recreate something crafty on Pinterest.

Now’s the time to try some of those crafts you pinned on your Pinterest boards. You can also find tons of craft kits on Amazon and Etsy.

24. Knit or crochet a beanie or scarf.

Knitting or crocheting are both really useful skills, and it isn’t too difficult to learn. Why not make some beanies, scarves, and other items for yourself or as future gifts for others?

25. Take a virtual trip somewhere exotic.

Traveling isn’t happening anytime soon, but with these websites you can explore right from your couch. You might even get inspired for a post-quarantine vacation.

Being stuck at home is tough, but consider how this pause in normal life could be a blessing in disguise.

Right now, life is far from normal, and many people, maybe even you, are facing incredible hardships because of the pandemic. It might feel impossible to see any good in what’s happening, but it’s important to remember that your mindset is your reality.

Rather than viewing our current situation with nothing but negativity, reflect on how this bump in the road can actually be helping you and your loved ones. Maybe your friend who lost their job now has a renewed sense of motivation to pursue a career they actually want. Maybe a family member who’s juggling kids and teleworking is actually getting more quality time with their kids than what normally would have been possible.

Practice compassion, gratitude, and patience for yourself and others. You might be surprised to find we can come out of this temporary struggle stronger than ever.