Visiting a high-tech dental office can transform your experience.

Going to the dentist is pretty routine, but that doesn’t mean appointments have to be boring, stressful, or tedious. Visiting a dental office that has the latest in dental technology can transform something as typical as an exam or filling a cavity into a fun, relaxing experience.

At Barr and Diachenko, we focus heavily on our relationships with our patients and on positively improving their experience as much as we can. We practice gentle, compassionate dental care and we outfit our office with high-tech dental equipment with this same idea in mind. By using the most efficient, accurate dental tech, it makes it easier for us to do our jobs and our patients reap the rewards.

Let’s go over 5 ways our high-tech dental equipment improves your experience during dental appointments.

1. The anesthetic process is stress-free and pain-free thanks to The Wand.

For many people, one of the least pleasant experiences during a dental procedure is the numbing process. Even if you don’t have dental anxiety, it’s hard to not feel a little jittery when you’re anticipating an injection.

At Barr and Diachenko, our doctors believe this process should be as easy as possible for our patients. We’ve done away with the old-fashioned syringes and instead use a tool we call The Wand. The Wand is pen-shaped and delivers anesthetic very slowly. As a patient, you may not even feel the anesthetic being delivered until you actually feel the numbing effect.

In addition to The Wand, we also neutralize the pH of our anesthetics and warm them to body temperature. This, in combination with The Wand, makes numbing far more comfortable and nearly a completely painless process.

If you experience dental anxiety related to the anticipation of pain or discomfort, The Wand will help you ease your tension when it comes to getting numbed.

2. You can walk out of your appointment with your new permanent crown the same day with CEREC technology.

After going through a root canal or some other form of tooth repair, most patients who are due for a crown can’t wait to get their permanent replacement tooth. Temporary crowns can be uncomfortable and not as aesthetically pleasing as the final product. At Barr and Diachenko, we use the CEREC system which means our patients get same-day crowns.

The CEREC system creates beautiful, custom ceramic crowns in a single dental visit. These crowns are very durable and are color-matched to your surrounding teeth for an ultra-realistic appearance.

Most of our patients are very busy individuals. Making a single dental appointment can be tricky with a packed schedule, let alone trying to book multiple appointments just to get a crown placed. By offering CEREC crowns we simplify crowns appointments and our patients can leave our office with a stunning smile in less time than ever before.

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3. See exactly what your dentist is seeing inside your mouth with the help of an intraoral camera.

We’ve always done our very best to keep our patients in the loop of what exactly is going on in their mouths, but sometimes words can only go so far. We chose to invest in intraoral cameras to solve this issue and ensure our patients are always on the same page as us.

Intraoral cameras transmit directly to our computer monitors and give us a detailed look at your teeth. We can flip our monitor around or offer you an iPad so you can see exactly what we’re seeing. When proposing treatment it allows us to show you the trouble spots and explain how we will address them.

Being able to get a view of what your dentist is seeing can be a lot of fun and may even ease the worries of patients with dental anxiety.

4. Spend less getting x-rays and impressions taken thanks to digital x-rays and 3D imaging.

One of the most tedious processes of dental visits is getting x-rays and images taken, especially if you’re a new patient getting a full panel of images during a comprehensive exam. Since we’ve updated our dental technology with new imaging equipment, we’re happy to say that getting your x-rays is the easiest it’s ever been.

We use digital x-rays only, which means we can take x-rays faster and with more precision. Best of all it means reduced radiation exposure for our patients.

We also use cone beam 3D imaging which takes a 3D picture of your smile versus the 2D digital x-rays. We rely heavily on this when planning dental implants and other forms of restorative or cosmetic dentistry. And did we mention this in-depth 3D cone beam imaging only takes about 10 seconds to take?

5. Laser dentistry means no more drills, less discomfort, and faster healing time after dental procedures.

Laser dentistry is a type of dental technology that might seem a little intimidating to patients at first, but in reality, drastically improves the patient experience during and after treatment.

We use laser dentistry for a number of different procedures, including simple treatments like filling a cavity. The result is a drill-free experience without any burning smells or heavy vibration that can leave you feeling a little rattled. Laser technology is also more accurate and gentle in terms of how it affects your tissues. The result is less discomfort, less pain, and less swelling. Laser technology also reduces the chances of bleeding. With these factors combined, patients who are treated with laser technology generally have an easier and faster healing time post-treatment.

Barr and Diachenko make dental visits an exciting part of your day with the latest in dental technology.

Barr and Diachenko are conveniently located in the Millennium Park area and provide comprehensive dental services, including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

Doctors Barr and Diachenko combine a compassionate approach to patient care coupled with the latest in dental technology. The result is a welcoming atmosphere that allows for a more comfortable and even relaxing experience for patients, including patients who experience dental anxiety.

When you’re ready to come in for a visit, you can either give our office a call or fill out our online appointment request form.