Enjoy your time in Chicago!

The weather may still be chilly, but if you’re brave enough to face it, there are several places you can visit in Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois. Spending time outdoors is a great way to improve your mood and support local businesses while practicing social distancing.

Millennium Park covers more than 24 acres and is one of Chicago’s most well-known landmarks near Lake Michigan. It includes gardens and art installations, giving visitors and locals alike a place to visit and explore.

While Chicago still has COVID-19 restrictions, some of the public spaces in Millennium Park have opened for groups of fewer than 10 people who wear masks and practice social distancing. Currently, the BP Bridge, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the Great Lawn, and the Welcome Center are closed.

For a guide on what places to visit are open in the Chicago area, read on for more information.

1. Boeing Galleries

The South Boeing Gallery and the North Boeing Gallery are outdoor exhibit spaces located in Millennium Park. The galleries have reopened with new exhibits that will run through April 2022. If you would like to visit the galleries, they are open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In the South Boeing Gallery, Chicago artist Christine Tarkowski’s work is on display. She works with different mediums, such as printed materials, sculpture, song, and photography.

Edra Soto’s work “Screenhouse” is currently housed in the North Boeing Gallery. It is made from 400 charcoal-colored concrete blocks and is 10 feet tall. Soto drew inspiration from his birthplace of Puerto Rico for this installation.

2. Lurie Garden

If you want to transport yourself to a secret garden, plan a visit to Lurie Garden. This urban oasis is home to many animals, insects, and plants. Each season of the year provides a different experience, so plan to visit often.

Since we are headed into spring, you will soon find bulbs peeking out through the frozen earth and perennials beginning to reawaken after a long winter. One of the highlights of Lurie Garden is the 15-foot-tall hedge that is lit up at night. If you want to imagine yourself in a quiet garden, this travel spot is the ideal place to visit to enjoy nature.

3. Crown Fountain

While the water feature aspect of the Crown Fountain isn’t currently open, visitors can now come to the area. The fountain is two 50-foot block towers made from glass, each with a reflecting pool at the end.

Video images of Chicago residents are projected onto the towers. It is meant to replicate how fountains traditionally use gargoyles for water projection. The images stay on the towers all year long, while the water feature is only in operation during the warm months of the year.

Hopefully by summertime, the water feature of the Crown Fountain will be open again for residents and visitors to enjoy. In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy the artwork displayed on the glass towers.

4. Wrigley Square

Located in the northwest corner of Millennium Park, Wrigley Square is home to the Millennium Monument. It’s modeled after the Doric-style columns shaped in a semi-circle that originally was in Grant Park. The square also has a public fountain and a large lawn, but the water feature isn’t open to the public just yet.

The square is the perfect place to hang out, and it also offers free Wi-Fi. It is usually the place where local cultural events take place, as well as photography and art exhibits. Wrigley Square is the ideal place to relax while you look at the amazing architecture that is the Millennium Monument.

5. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute has now reopened but has limited hours, so be sure to check their site before you plan your visit. You will also need to purchase tickets in advance if you are not a member of the museum. Amenities are limited for the time being, with options like restaurants, libraries, and valet service still unavailable.

Two of the exhibits currently being offered are “Monet and Chicago” and “Bisa Butler: Portraits.” These exhibits will be available for several months before something new comes in, so hurry and make a reservation to see the wonderful pieces of art. Look at their website to see what exhibitions they will be offering next.

If you are unable to make it to The Art Institute, they offer a variety of virtual lectures. Topics include ancient Egyptian art, poetry, and writing.

6. Chase Promenade

If you’re looking to go for a stroll, check out the Chase Promenade. It is a tree-lined walkway that covers eight acres of land. Events, festivals, and exhibitions often take place in this area.

One of the best parts about the promenade is the great view of Cloud Gate or “The Bean”. The sculpture sits on the top of Park Grill, right next to Chase Promenade. The Bean is just a nickname for the sculpture due to its shape, and it is made from over 160 stainless steel plates that are welded together.

The Bean is one of Chicago’s iconic landmarks and strolling through the promenade gives you the perfect view of it while you experience the nature Chicago has to offer.

7. McDonald’s Cycle Center

If you’d like to rent a bike, head over to McDonald’s Cycle Center. They are currently not taking in new members, but you are able to go there for rentals and repairs. What better way to explore Chase Promenade than by pedaling through the trees on a bike?

Explore Millennium Park in Chicago

Now that businesses and shops in the Chicago area have started to reopen, there is no better way to celebrate our city than visiting Millennium Park. Hopefully, everything else in the area will soon reopen and we can experience all that the Chicago area has to offer.

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