Turning Dental Care Into a Luxury Experience

Life as a millennial can be hectic and stressful. Juggling your personal life, a career, side hustles, and personal relationships means you need to make the most of your free time. A trip to the dentist should be on your list of priorities, but if the dental practice you’re going to makes you dread visiting, you just might decide to skip your checkups and cleanings.

Rather than risking tooth decay or gum disease, a better option is to find a dental practice that understands your needs and will meet and exceed your expectations. At Barr and Diachenko, DDS, you’ll feel like your time and needs are respected, all while enjoying a luxury experience in a technology-savvy dental practice.

Here’s how Drs. Barr and Diachenko ensure every patient has the best experience possible when visiting their practice.

Dental Technology and Its Benefits

Technology has become a significant part of nearly every facet of our daily lives. Compared to a few decades ago, the technological progress that’s been achieved is astounding. The same idea also applies to dental technology.

The practice of dentistry began in ancient times, with the first “dentist” being referenced in 2600 BC in Egypt. Later, in the Middle Ages, dentistry began to become more of a profession. In fact, did you know that silver (amalgam) filling material was first used on teeth in the year 700?

Dentistry continued to evolve over the 18th and 19th centuries, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that it really began to mimic what we recognize today as professional dental care. During this time, porcelain crowns were introduced, Novocain was developed, important professional organizations were founded, and the first nylon toothbrush was sold.

Today, modern dental offices are outfitted with incredible new dental technology and tools to complement the advanced techniques and treatment therapies used by dentists. These types of technologies and tools not only make dental care more efficient, precise, and easier for dentists to perform, but they also provide benefits for patients.

Here are a few examples of how our dental technology improves your experience:

  • CEREC same day crowns eliminate the need to wait two weeks for a permanent crown.
  • VELscope devices provide accurate and early detection of oral cancer and abnormal tissue.
  • Digital photography and X-rays provide clearer, instant images for dentists.
  • The CAMBRA system and CariVu tool catch tooth decay at its very earliest stages before it has time to cause damage.
  • Intraoral cameras give dentists a closer look at your teeth and allow you to see the very same image on a tablet or chairside computer screen.
  • The Wand™ numbing tool eliminates the sting and discomfort of the numbing process.

Dental Care Customized for Your Goals

The wonderful tools and technology we’ve outfitted our dental practice with allow us to perform ultra-realistic restorations, stunning smile makeovers, and even full-mouth reconstructions.

Smile makeovers are one area of care we provide that is especially exciting for our team as well as our patients. It allows us to help our patients achieve a smile that’s not only healthy but also matches their vision of what’s beautiful. This is why we make it a point to discuss long-term smile goals as well as any obvious care that is immediately needed.

Once an optimal level of oral health is achieved (e.g., decay- and gum disease-free), we’ll customize a dental care treatment plan to elevate your smile to the next level. Depending on what you wish, this may include routine professional whitening appointments, cosmetic dentistry touch-ups, or a total smile makeover with veneers.

Pain- and Fear-free Approach to Dentistry

Many adults experience some level of dental anxiety, whether it be mild nervousness or true fear of receiving dental care. Most of these worries stem from very natural and normal human responses, such as fear or anticipation of discomfort or pain. Others may not be worried about dental care itself, but rather the idea that they may be judged for their oral health.

We take patient comfort very seriously and make it a priority to ensure patients feel comfortable, respected, and confident in our care.

A few examples of how we practice this include:

  • Showing our patients respect, both emotionally and physically
  • Moving at our patients’ pace and ensuring consent before starting treatment
  • Minimizing discomfort during numbing by using The Wand™
  • Actively listening to patient feedback to improve our methods
  • Using professional techniques to help patients work through anxiety

If you have severe dental anxiety and feel comfortable sharing how you feel, we encourage you to let our team know so we can adjust our practices to meet your needs.

Book your appointment today and experience the difference.

If you feel unhappy with your current dentist or you’ve recently relocated to the Chicago area and need to find a new one, we invite you to visit our dental practice. Our team will welcome you with open arms, show you around our office and exam rooms, and get to know you as a person as well as a patient.

During your first visit, you’ll meet your new dentist, discuss your oral health history and any immediate concerns you might have, and talk through any future goals you’ve been considering. Your dentist will perform a thorough examination, take some digital X-rays, and use some of the exciting dental technology we have available, such as our intraoral cameras and digital photography.

When you feel ready to experience the difference of a high-end, luxury dental practice, call our downtown Chicago office or request a visit online.