Learn how your dentist’s tools improve your experience as a patient.

The tools your dentist uses affect their performance as much as they affect your experience as a patient. The better the technology is behind their tools, the better they can do their jobs, and the better your overall experience will be. The benefits of dental technology can even reduce fear and uncomfortable feelings for patients with dental anxiety.

It’s estimated that over 60% of people experience dental anxiety. Pain, chemical smells, and the sound of dental hand tools are among the top three triggers for nervousness or fear. At Barr and Diachenko, our doctors have purposely upgraded their tools to not only increase their accuracy and skill but also to reduce many common anxiety triggers in patients.

Let’s take a look at 12 important dental tools we use at Barr and Diachenko and how they benefit you as a patient.

1. The Wand: A syringe-free anesthetic process that makes getting numb a stress-free process.

The Wand is a pen-like device that slowly delivers a pH-balanced, body-temperature anesthetic. We combine this with a high-strength topical anesthetic which makes delivery nearly undetectable to most patients. In fact, you may not even realize the process has begun until you actually start to feel physically numb.

2. CEREC: A dental crown system that allows us to make custom ceramic crowns the same day of your visit.

Our CEREC same day dental crown system allows us to make ultra-realistic permanent ceramic crowns for our patients during one visit. These crowns are durable, beautiful, and we color-match them to your surrounding teeth. This eliminates the frustration of scheduling multiple dental appointments or having to worry about a temporary crown coming loose while waiting.

3. Cone Beam 3D Imaging: Allows us to capture a complete 3D image of your smile in seconds.

In only 10 seconds we can get a full, detailed 3D picture of your smile. These images can be manipulated so we can show patients an example of how their smile will look after receiving restorative or cosmetic treatment. This also gives our curious patients a 3D view of their teeth that is much easier to understand versus a standard 2D digital x-ray.

4. Laser Dentistry: Eliminates the need for drills and improves recovery time.

Laser dentistry allows us to perform a number of dental procedures without the need for drills or other noisy, vibrating tools. These tools are highly versatile and can be used for filling a simple cavity to assisting with serious restorative work. Aside from reducing noise and discomfort, other benefits include reduced swelling and a faster healing time.

5. Digital X-Rays: Reduces your exposure to radiation and saves you time during your appointment.

Our 3D cone beam images are wonderful but digital x-rays will always be a necessity when it comes to viewing the tooth and jaw structure under the surface. Digital x-rays take images faster and more accurately than traditional x-rays. They also greatly reduce radiation exposure.

6. Invisalign: The ultimate solution for professionals wanting a subtle orthodontic treatment program.

Invisalign is a fantastic option for professionals that want to improve their smile by straightening their teeth. It is highly effective in the majority of cases. Invisalign allows our patients to get the straight smile they’ve always wanted without anyone else having to know. You can also see results faster with Invisalign versus traditional braces.

7. VELscope: Makes oral cancer screening more accurate and only takes a few minutes.

Whether you’re at risk of developing oral cancer or not, regular oral cancer screenings are an important part of preventive oral healthcare. We use VELscope, a device that allows us to detect even the smallest signs of oral cancer within your mouth in just five minutes. With the VELscope you can rest assured that nothing slips by.

8. CAMBRA/CariFree: A complete cavity assessment and prevention system that saves you time and money.

Prevention is everything in healthcare and it’s no different for dentistry. We use the CAMBRA cavity assessment system to spot early signs of tooth decay, which is well before we can using traditional methods. CariFree is often combined with CAMBRA and is a system of products used to prevent cavities from forming.

9. CariVu: A cavity detection device that can catch tooth decay before we can with our naked eye.

Similar to the VELscope, the CariVu is another detection tool that shows us warning signs before we would be able to spot them if we relied solely on visual cues. We use CariVu in combination with digital x-rays and images captured using intra-oral cameras. Together they give us a complete picture of the health of your teeth in regard to early signs of decay.

10. Intraoral Camera: Gives our dentists and our patients a detailed, real-time look at what’s going on inside your mouth.

Intraoral cameras make it easier for us to look inside your mouth. Holding your mouth open for a long time can be tiring. With an intraoral camera, you’ll feel more comfortable during examinations. Best of all, you can watch real-time footage of what we’re seeing inside your mouth by watching a monitor or iPad.

11. T-Scan: Captures an ultra-accurate measurement of your bite alignment and warning signs of future problems.

The T-Scan is an analysis system that focuses on the accuracy of your bite alignment. Having an uneven bite can cause issues ranging from jaw pain to tooth damage. With the T-Scan we can see exactly how your teeth meet and pinpoint where your bite may be off or where teeth may be hitting each other.

12. Oral Sedation: We can help take the edge off your anxiety with effective and safe sedation options.

Our doctors have had extensive oral sedation training and offer safe, reliable options for patients who might feel their anxiety is just a little too overwhelming. We always want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible with us, even if they’re working through serious dental fear problems.

See the benefits of these tools first-hand at Barr and Diachenko.

Barr and Diachenko are centrally located in Millenium Park and their office is outfitted with the latest in dental technology. Our choice of tools and equipment coupled with our gentle, compassionate approach to patient care are ideal for everyone, from busy professionals needing efficient appointments to individuals looking for a dentist to help them overcome dental anxiety.

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