Characteristics of the best dentist for busy professionals (and all of us).

When you’re a busy professional, you want the most skilled, professional, and efficient dentist for the job. This means your dentist should offer friendly and prompt care. They also should be well versed in looking for early signs that may indicate problems since tooth decay is one of the common chronic health issues among adults. And busy professionals especially don’t have time to jump through hoops to find the right dentist for them.

Read on to discover 5 reasons you deserve compassion and care from a dentist you can trust.

1. You want personalized care.

As a working professional, you know how important dental health is. Your smile says a lot about you, and you want the best dentist looking after it. At an initial consultation, they should assess your oral health and work with you to determine a plan. They’ll take X-rays and look for any signs of decay. They’ll also assess your gums and ask about your health history.

Make a point of communicating openly with your dentist. Share your health history or any concerns you have. Has your health changed? Keep them up-to-date about any dietary shifts or recent procedures. Doing so will help your dentist tailor your care to your needs.

By meeting every six months, your dentist can monitor your oral health. As they detect any changes, they’ll communicate necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

2. The best dentist considers your budget.

Are you wondering if there’s a treatment plan that can fit your budget? The best dentist will discuss the nature of every treatment option—and the costs.

If you keep a strict budget, you need to know how your oral health care fits into it. When looking for a dentist, find one willing to work with your financial goals and who won’t attempt to upsell products or services you don’t actually need.

Insurance can be confusing, so talk with the dental staff to understand what your plan covers. You may have options when it comes to solutions for oral health issues. Be open with your them, and they’ll guide you to the right solution.

And if you’re on a tight schedule, ask how procedures can accommodate you. Same-day crowns, for instance, can give you a stunning smile in just one visit. The procedure happens in-house, so your dentist can create a filling or crown thanks to 3D imaging.

3. You can ask questions.

When you’re choosing a dentist, go with one who gives you time to ask questions. Your dentist shouldn’t expect you to know everything there is to know about oral hygiene. So when you’re confused about something, ask for an explanation.

The best dentist will explain procedures so you understand your options. They can talk about why a specific treatment is better given your health history or they can tell you what tools and processes are involved. A good dentist will listen to your goals and challenges, too. If you’re struggling with proper brushing techniques, ask your dentist for a demonstration. After all, they are there to help and educate you.

Are you wondering, “Where can I find a compassionate dentist near me?” Everybody needs compassion and care from a dentist they can trust—for themselves and their loved one. Dr. Barr and his team can provide that.

With over four decades of experience, Dr. Barr is equipped to answer your questions. A fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, he continues to mentor others in the field of dentistry.

4. A professional practice makes you feel comfortable.

As a busy professional, you want the dental office you visit to be inviting and professional. The staff should greet you and help you with scheduling and billing. A professional practice also includes a clean office space where you can wait for your appointment. In a professional practice, all tools will be sanitized between visits. This should be visible to you as you sit in your appointment room. Everything will look orderly.

Before your next appointment, the office staff will call or text you with a reminder. This simple gesture can make a huge difference when you’re busy with work. It’s a genuine sign of professionalism and thoughtfulness.

Do you have kids or other family members in need of appointments? Look for a practice that can help you juggle multiple appointments. A professional dental practice will work with your schedule to meet your healthcare needs. You may even be able to get back-to-back appointments so you can block your time. You’ll avoid chopping up your day with multiple trips. In other words, you won’t have to worry about disrupting your work schedule.

5. Continuing education means better care.

The best dentist will keep learning—even after earning their degree. You want a dentist who’s eager to learn the latest technology. This can include Cone Beam 3D Imaging and intraoral cameras.

Look for one who attends workshops, classes, and conferences. This shows that they’re connected with peers in their field and dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients.

The dentists at Barr and Diachenko have decades of experience—but they don’t stop there. With over 100 hours combined in continuing education, you can trust that our team of dentists takes training seriously. Our goal is to create a modern and caring practice where you can access the best Chicago dentist.

The dentists at Barr and Diachenko also hold prestigious fellowships and certifications. With expertise in Invisalign and CEREC crowns, our dentists cover a wide range of procedures. Whether you need implants or general preventative screenings, you can trust that you’re receiving top care.

Choose the best dentist for you.

When you’re choosing a dentist, ask for a consultation so you can make an informed choice. You deserve to have a dentist who makes time for you and tackles your questions. The best one will follow up with you and offer an effective treatment plan. Ready for a professional and caring dental visit? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you with your dental care!