Welcome to Barr and Diachenko, Your Downtown Chicago Dentist

A trip to the dentist should be a positive experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, encouraged, and even relaxed. From the moment you walk into our office here at Barr and Diachenko, we want you to feel at ease and as comfortable as possible.

You’ll be warmly welcomed into our practice by our front desk team, who will also help you check in for your visit and fill out any necessary forms. While you wait for your appointment, you can read a magazine or sip on a tasty beverage. Throughout our office, you’ll find that our interior décor and home-like lighting provides a much more inviting atmosphere compared to the overly clinical feel that harsh, bright lighting can elicit.

How we’ve designed our downtown Chicago office is only one way we show appreciation for our patients. Where you’ll truly notice a difference is how our team interacts with patients.

Our Team at Barr and Diachenko

Dentistry may be a business, but that doesn’t mean patients should be viewed simply as customers buying dental care. As a patient of our practice at Barr and Diachenko, you’re seen as a person who has entrusted us with the privilege of caring for your smile.

We take this responsibility seriously and treat everyone as if they were a member of our own family. We not only want to help you achieve your best smile ever, but we also want to get to know you and develop a good relationship that fosters trust.

Our team goes to great efforts to make sure patients feel heard. We’ll listen intently before offering advice or recommendations for treatment. We’ll also discuss your future smile goals and chat about any concerns you might have about your smile.

We welcome patients with extreme dental anxiety and consider it an honor that you’ve chosen us to help you work through your worries or fears. Our team is especially skilled at making anxious patients feel at ease and confident in knowing that we’ll never judge them for their emotions or current oral health status.

Our Technology

Walking into a modern dental office today is drastically different from what you may remember in decades past. While some things remain familiar, like X-rays, a dental practice that values technological advances can be an eye-opening, luxurious experience.

We at Barr and Diachenko understand that dental technology has a direct impact on nearly every facet of dental care for patients, from their experience and comfort to how well we can perform procedures.

Here are a few ways our dental technology and tools enhance your experience as a patient:

  • CEREC crowns are created in-office during your appointment, leaving you with a beautiful, finished tooth without waiting weeks.
  • The Wand™ oral sedation system provides super-effective numbing without any stinging or discomfort.
  • Our CariVu cavity detection device spots tooth decay at the earliest stage possible before damage occurs.
  • We use the CAMBRA and CariFree system to determine your individual risk level for tooth decay, allowing us to customize the most effective preventive care routine.
  • The VELscope takes only five minutes during your routine checkup to scan your mouth for tissue abnormalities and early signs of oral cancer.
  • The T-Scan™ and cone beam 3D imaging systems allow our dentists to see exactly how your teeth and jaws are aligned in greater detail than digital X-rays.

Another way we use technology to improve patients’ experiences is by offering online appointment booking and access to digital patient forms as well as applications for CareCredit on our website.

Our Services

The field of dentistry offers so much to patients, especially compared to previous decades. More people than ever are not only prioritizing their oral health but also wanting to take their smiles to the next level with cosmetic dental care. We believe everyone deserves a smile that’s healthy and beautiful, which is the driving force behind the menu of services we provide.

We provide comprehensive dental care, including general/preventive care, to form the foundation for your oral health; restorative care to replace and repair teeth; and cosmetic dentistry for a smile that looks like yours but better.

A few examples of our most popular services include:

The technology discussed earlier helps us provide these services in a completely pain-free, comfortable way and allow our dentists to perform procedures with incredible precision.

Our Promise at Barr and Diachenko

We have the utmost respect for our patients, and we’re dedicated to providing an incredible level of care for everyone who walks through our doors.

To sum it all up, we promise to:

  • Make every patient feel heard by listening to their needs and concerns first
  • Maintain a safe, sterile environment in all areas of our practice
  • Provide a judgment-free space that focuses on your future oral health
  • Only recommend treatment that’s necessary for your oral health
  • Continually improve our techniques and expand our professional education
  • Provide the best and most efficient dental technology and tools

Your feedback is valuable to us. If you ever feel a need isn’t being met or we could in some way improve our service, we encourage you to share your thoughts with us.

Ready for your next visit to your downtown Chicago dental home at Barr and Diachenko?

If it’s been close to or over six months since your last checkup or cleaning, it’s time to schedule another visit. Seeing us biannually, even if your teeth feel and look great, is an important step in maintaining optimal oral health and catching small issues before they become big problems.

You can easily book your next appointment today by calling our Millennium Park office or requesting one online.