Dental technology has improved leaps and bounds in the past few decades.

What do you think of when you think about the dentist? Chances are you may know very little, if anything, about the cutting-edge dental technology used in modern dental care. We show up to the dentist’s office and are grateful for their treatment without asking too many questions about what exactly is used.

There is, however, some incredible dental technology used to make your experience, both during and after your treatment, easier to handle than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this technology.

Dental Technology for Improved Efficiency

Dental crowns are one of the most common treatments in the United States. Historically, it would take several visits to the dentist to complete the procedure. A new technology called the CEREC system is often called the “one-visit crown” because the whole treatment can be completed in one visit to the dentist.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and it uses digital impressions of your teeth to produce the crown rather than the traditional method of dental impressions. The crown is then produced in the dental office and is attached on the same day. For busy professionals, this is great news as it cuts down on time away from work traveling back and forth to the dentist.

Dr. Barr has worked on over 14,000 CEREC cases and was one of the first dentists in Chicago to use the system.

Improved Accuracy

The human tooth is an incredibly intricate part of our anatomy. Every medical procedure carries risks, including dental procedures. There are technologies that can help mitigate that risk by eliminating elements of human error and improving the accuracy of treatment. For example, the CariVu is a detection device used to examine the structure of a tooth and create an accurate picture of any cavities or decay within a tooth. This allows for accurate diagnoses and more efficient treatments.

Another example of technology that can improve the accuracy of your treatment is the T-Scan analysis system. The definition of the word “occlusion” in a dental context describes the contact made between your teeth. It is important for a dentist to see exactly how your teeth come together when you bite, and the T-Scan analysis system allows this to be read accurately. Again, this allows for more efficient and accurate treatment.

Dental Technology for Improved Comfort

When you come to Drs. Barr and Diachenko for treatment, your comfort is top priority. We want your experience to be a positive one. Thanks to new technologies, we have a number of ways we can keep you comfortable while performing procedures.

Oral Sedation

We understand that coming to the dentist can be a little scary for some, so we offer oral sedation to any patients who feel anxious. Our team is trained extensively in oral sedation, so you can trust us that you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible while receiving your treatment.

The Wand

The irony of anesthetic injections is that they are given in order to make the dental procedure more comfortable, but they can actually be one of the reasons someone might avoid the dentist.

Fear of needles is a common phobia, so The Wand is a welcome solution to many people. It looks a little like a pen, and the needle is so small that you won’t feel the sting you would normally expect from a regular shot.

Invisalign Dental Aligners

While you may have heard of Invisalign before, it’s a treatment that has improved over time. While traditional braces do a great job of realigning teeth, Invisalign has made the whole experience more comfortable for the user.

With traditional braces, you’re required to make changes to your diet in order to protect the braces and allow them to work as well as possible. With Invisalign, you’re able to remove them to eat, and therefore your diet is unaffected by their use.

Dental Technology for Improved Outcomes

Our goal in dentistry is to give our clients the best possible outcome from their treatment. We’ve already established how dental technology can make your treatment more comfortable, accurate, and efficient.

All of these elements come together, meaning the dentist can focus on the treatment itself, thus giving you the best chance of the results you want.

Other Dental Technology We Use

We’ve already mentioned some of the technologies used by Drs. Barr and Diachenko, but there are a few others that can improve your experience when you visit.


VELscope is an oral screening system used to detect and examine abnormalities that could be signs of oral cancer. In five minutes, your dentist will be able to evaluate any tissue abnormalities before they have even reached the surface. In the unfortunate and unlikely case that there is a chance of oral cancer, this early detection could save your life.

Intraoral Camera

It’s no longer just the dentist who gets to see inside your mouth! With an intraoral camera, you can watch your procedure as it happens. This might not be for everyone, but it can be fascinating to see!

Digital X-Rays

A digital X-ray (also known as a radiograph) is an advancement in technology that prevents you from receiving too much radiation during an oral X-ray. The need for less exposure can put your mind at ease and also give the dentist an almost instantaneous picture of your mouth.

Go into your treatment with confidence!

With so much great dental technology available, your time at the dentist could be faster, simpler, and more comfortable than you expected. From painless anesthetic to one-visit crowns, technology is helping to remove the stigma around going to the dentist and give you the best chance possible of a successful treatment.

We are here for you if you have any questions about the technology we use!