When people talk about getting Invisalign, they focus on the benefits it provides in straightening their teeth. And though that is definitely what Invisalign is designed to do, it can also do a lot of other great things for your body. Not only that, but the Invisalign approach is discreet, meaning only you, your dentist, and those you tell are likely to notice that you are wearing clear aligners to straighten your teeth. So if you have been thinking of a tooth straightening solution, read on to understand why Invisalign helps not just your mouth, but your whole body too.

8 Ways Invisalign Can Improve Your Overall Health

Invisalign can provide a wide variety of benefits for your whole body. Check out these 8 benefits that you will experience once you decide to get Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

1. Improve your mental and emotional outlook on life.

Let’s face it. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, the chances are that you don’t want to flash those pearly whites all that often. And when you are afraid to smile, especially in the presence of others, it can be a drain on your emotional and mental well-being. But with Invisalign to straighten your teeth, you’ll be able to flash a smile like never before. With the great smile and boost of confidence you’ll experience, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get Invisalign sooner.

2. Freshen your breath.

No one wants bad breath. And if you have bad breath, you’re probably seeking ways to freshen it up. Bad breath comes from a build-up of bacteria in our mouths and from tooth decay. After your Invisalign treatment, you’ll have straighter teeth. This means that it will be easier to get at those tough-to-reach areas with your toothbrush and floss. As a result, you’ll be better able to remove food particles, thus lessening your risk of tooth decay, which contributes to bad breath in the first place.

3. Prevent periodontitis and associated illnesses.

The clear trays used in the Invisalign treatment are uniquely constructed to sit above your gum line. This means that your gums will remain healthier since plaque will not get trapped. This helps you avoid the symptoms of gum disease and lessen your chance of acquiring the condition. The cleaner you can keep your gums, the less at risk you are for periodontitis and associated illnesses.

4. Reduce wear and tear on teeth.

When your teeth aren’t straight or they are misaligned, the top and bottom teeth will not properly line up. This can result in tooth grinding, which will wear away the enamel, leaving you highly susceptible to infection and abscesses. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you can return your teeth to their proper alignment, thus reducing the risk of grinding, which causes wear and tear.

5. Relieve TMJ symptoms, such as headaches.

Invisalign aligners create an automatic cushion between your top and bottom teeth, keeping them from scraping against each other. That scraping and wear and tear can lead to joint damage and pain. Those with a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder will benefit from a better bite, suffering fewer side effects of bruxism (teeth grinding) in the process.

6. Assist in cleaning your teeth better.

Invisalign clear braces make it easier for you to clean your teeth. Not only are the aligner trays removable for eating, toothbrushing, and flossing during treatment, but you will be able to clean your teeth better once they are straightened as a result of the procedure. Your toothbrush and flossing kit will work far better on straight teeth than on crooked or misaligned teeth.

7. Improve airflow and breathing

It might not seem apparent, but Invisalign clear braces can reduce the symptoms associated with snoring (and in some cases, sleep apnea; see #8). Essentially, this treatment increases the amount of space inside your mouth, helping to improve airflow, which makes it easier for you to breathe. And with better airflow and breathing, you’ll be able to get better rest with each night’s sleep.

8. Relieve sleep apnea symptoms

Finally, a significant benefit of Invisalign clear aligners comes from the reduction, if not elimination, of sleep apnea symptoms. Often, when you have severe tooth crowding in your mouth or you have a narrow bite, your tongue finds it doesn’t have enough room and falls back in your mouth, obstructing your airway. Invisalign can be used to reshape and transform your mouth, reducing obstructions.

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