How Invisalign Changed the Lives of These 7 Women

Invisalign offers a great way for adults to achieve the smile makeover they’ve been looking for without the inconvenience of traditional braces. A growing number of adults are choosing this innovative treatment. Here are some real stories of women who have gone through the Invisalign treatment and have been amazed by the results.

Jenn Vonhagen

Jenn Vonhagen is a mom, fitness enthusiast, and small business owner who was looking for a way to get a straighter smile in a manner that fit her busy lifestyle. Invisalign gave her that balance, providing substantial results without making a big impact on her daily life.

Because Invisalign clear aligners are removable, Jenn was able to avoid the dietary restrictions and increased care requirements that come with traditional braces. Her orthodontic treatment didn’t hinder her busy schedule, and she now enjoys a fantastic smile that gives her more self-confidence when dealing with clients.

Kristiana Ross

Kristiana Ross is a student with an avid love of theater, and always being out there means she wants to look and feel her best. In fact, she had her first role in a play during her Invisalign treatment.

The clear plastic aligners allowed her to avoid the conspicuous metal braces that could hinder her ability to speak clearly. They also gave her the self-confidence she needed to perform.

Kristiana remembers her experience of being bullied for her crooked teeth when she was younger, but today she enjoys the stunning smile she’s always wanted.

Sarah Keartes

Thanks to Invisalign, Sarah Keartes now feels like her best self. She tries to get out in nature as much as she can with her busy schedule, and the hassle of traditional braces and constant orthodontic appointments wouldn’t allow that. The easy treatment experience that Invisalign offers is just what she needed to achieve a straighter smile.

As an avid snowboarder, Sarah knew that the metal wires and brackets of traditional braces would interfere with her love of the sport. Where any wipeout could have caused serious damage if the brackets cut the inside of her mouth, she instead enjoyed the comfortable, streamlined feel of Invisalign clear aligners.

DaMonica Boone

DaMonica Boone suffered from bite issues she attributed to her childhood gum chewing. Whether that’s actually the case, Invisalign has been able to successfully resolve those issues and provide her with a straighter smile and a solid foundation for long-lasting oral health.

Thanks to the removable clear plastic aligners, DaMonica’s daily activities aren’t impacted by Invisalign. She simply removes the aligners when eating or brushing her teeth, and she can live her life like she always has, although she says she’s cut down on the gum chewing.

Whitney Cain

Whitney Cain had a complex dental situation, where both of her canines became impacted. Invisalign has helped her achieve positive results, even with her unique dental issues.

Invisalign’s inconspicuous clear plastic aligners allowed Whitney to continue her everyday activities without any impact on her self-confidence. Where traditional braces could have been a long and arduous process, Invisalign provided a comfortable and faster treatment.

Stephanie Hernandez

Stephanie Hernandez found that being able to remove Invisalign clear aligners as needed helped her get through her morning routine with ease. It couldn’t be more convenient to simply pop them out when it was time to brush and floss. Being able to remove them to eat was another great perk.

Instead of having to deal with scheduled braces tightening, Stephanie only had to visit her Invisalign dentist for a few checkups to ensure that her treatment was proceeding as planned. Overall, the Invisalign treatment left her with pleasing results and an excellent customer experience.

Lauren Goldenberg

Lauren Goldenberg was amazed at just how easy living with Invisalign was during her treatment. She did not have fond memories of her childhood experience with braces. After her childhood treatment, Lauren, unfortunately, avoided wearing her retainer and needed additional teeth straightening as an adult.

Imagine her surprise when instead of the clunky and inconvenient metal braces of her childhood, Lauren found out she could go with Invisalign clear aligners instead. The process was easy from start to finish. In just seven months, she had resolved her crowded bottom teeth and achieved a stunning smile makeover.

Could your story be next?

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