Restorative Dentistry

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Whether due to injury, poor care, or simply years of wear and tear, your smile may not look like it did years ago. Restorative care from Dr. Barr and Dr. Diachenko can bring that smile back and change your life! Rejuvenate your smile today with restorative treatments.

Implant Supported Dentures

Wearing loose or ill-fitting dentures that shift in the mouth and require adhesives can cause painful gum sores, difficulty speaking and difficulty chewing. In contrast, implant supported dentures distribute your bite pressure more like natural teeth, stimulating the supportive structures of your teeth and preventing the bone and soft tissues from shrinking away.

Don’t put up with ill-fitting dentures! You can replace an entire set of teeth with beautiful, natural-looking implants.


When it comes to dentures, nothing is more important than a proper fit. While a poor fit can cause a host of uncomfortable problems, a good fit ensures that your dentures will allow you to retain much of your function, which is important for maintaining natural muscle tone in your face and jaw. A great set of dentures from Drs. Barr and Diachenko that perfectly fit your smile will keep you looking and feeling healthy.

Partial Dentures

If you have several teeth missing that cannot be corrected with a bridge, Drs. Barr and Diachenko offer a solution with partial dentures. Made from a synthetic material that is supported with a lightweight metal, your removable, partial denture will be designed to fit comfortably and blend in with your remaining teeth, creating a natural-looking smile while still remaining functional.


Porcelain crowns erase years of wear and tear, restoring chipped teeth, broken teeth, gaps in teeth and other damage. Drs. Barr and Diachenko remove any tooth decay, then use a tooth-like crown made of porcelain to restore your tooth. In the past, crowns were made of precious metals like gold, but modern porcelain crowns mimic natural looking teeth in both shape and color, creating a lifelike restoration that blends in with your smile.


Don’t let missing teeth ruin your smile. Fix the gap with a bridge! Not only can losing a tooth create an unsightly gap in your smile, it can create significant problems for your dental health if left uncorrected. Over time, your bite pressure could shift to other areas of your mouth to compensate, and neighboring teeth may begin to move into the gap. This shifting can cause discomfort, pain, and more serious problems in your future.

If you have a gap due to missing teeth, a fixed bridge from Dr. Barr or Dr. Diachenko will literally “bridge the gap” in your smile. After preparing the two neighboring teeth, your dentist will create two crowns with a prosthetic tooth fused between them. This functional bridge will correct your smile, restore your bite, alleviate any discomfort, and protect you from future dental problems.


Even if you’re happy with the health of your teeth and gums, the way they fit inside your mouth is another important aspect of your dental health. Improperly positioned teeth could mean that you suffer from an irregular bite. For all your tooth-alignment issues, Drs. Barr and Diachenko offer orthodontic services, including Invisalign®. While everyone wants straight teeth for aesthetic reasons, there are major health concerns associated with your bite as well. Talk to your dental team today.

Six Month Smiles®

For adults with orthodontic concerns – but no major alterations needed – Drs. Barr and Diachenko offer Six Month Smiles® braces – a solution for crooked teeth that can help you have the attractive smile you’ve always wanted. Most patients 15 years and older are candidates, so talk to your dental team today.

More Services You’ll Love

Dental Implants Restoration

If you suffer from missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures Drs. Barr and Diachenko want to improve your quality of life. One way is with dental implants – an effective dental restoration.



Same Day Crowns

Now with CEREC, you can actually have your crowns designed, created, and positioned in your mouth all in one visit! This technology saves you valuable time, so you can get back to your life!




The best defense against common dental ailments is regular preventative care. Dr. Barr, Dr. Diachenko, and their dental team are committed to providing you with the most advanced preventive dentistry.