Dental Implants

Dental Implants Restoration

If you suffer from missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures Drs. Barr and Diachenko want to improve your quality of life. One way is with dental implants – an extraordinarily effective dental restoration that can last a lifetime.

Implants are so effective because they closely mimic your natural bite, serving as a substitute for tooth roots. Implants strategically placed in the jaw integrate with your existing bone structure, creating a remarkably solid foundation for prosthetics, crowns, bridges or dentures from Drs. Barr and Diachenko. Restorations with dental implants promote bone retention, eliminate slipping, loose, wobbly dentures, and best of all, they look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Improve your quality of life today! Talk to Dr. Barr or Dr. Diachenko about dental implants.

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Same Day Crowns

Now with CEREC, you can actually have your crowns designed, created, and positioned in your mouth all in one visit! This technology saves you valuable time, so you can get back to your life!





The best defense against common dental ailments is regular preventative care. Dr. Barr, Dr. Diachenko, and their dental team are committed to providing you with the most advanced preventive dentistry.





Drs. Barr and Diachenko utilize the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques to ensure your satisfaction with your visit and your continued excellent health.